About Two Birds

Who and what are the Birds of Byron bay?

About us

We are Josh, Matt and James - three Aussie guys who love to travel and love to show off the Australian coast line.

With varying backgrounds, we have come together to form Two Birds tours. We set up a semi-permanent camp in Byron over summer 2016/17 and run day tours to great local highlights, during the aussie summer.

We have created these tours and camp because we want visitors to experience what a real Australian holiday is like, without having to spend a fortune.

We all love to meet new people and get outdoors to experience nature. All three love surfing, hiking, fishing and generally being outdoors.

About our venues

Situated at the beautiful Byron Holiday Park and Red Devils campground, with direct access to Tallows Beach, we offer private comfortable accomodation options in Byron Bay. Our business name comes from killing two birds with one stone, as in getting more value than expected. And per that phrase it is our policy to always give you more than just a bed. We have lots of activities and events to bring people together and generally give you the best experience of staying in Byron Bay.

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