Why now is the best time ever to come to Australia on a working holiday visa

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Why now is the best time ever to come to Australia on a working holiday visa

Ever dreamed of visiting Australia but didn't have the money? Or perhaps you have been planning to come and work in Australia, but were too old for a working holiday visa?

Well there is some good news recently announced by the Australian Government, where in a media release they have announced a few key changes to make it easier and more enticing for people to come to Australia on a working holiday visa.

Lower tax

It has been announced that those on a working holiday visa will be taxed at the very competitive rate of 19%. This they claim offers "working holiday makers the highest post-tax income among comparable countries".

Bigger age range

The working holiday visa will no longer just be available to those under 30, with the maximum age being extended to those up to 35 years old.

Lower application fee

The application fee has been reduced by $50. Sure its still $390, but that $50 saving is at least a case of beer!

Work for the same employer

It used to be that you had to change employers every 6 months. The government has now changed it so that you can work for the same employer for 12 months, as long as you change regions. This means that if you are lucky enough to get employment with a company that can transfer you, then you don't have to reapply for a job!


All of this basically adds up to making it slightly easier and more open to those wanting to come to Australia for an extended period of time on a working holiday visa.

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