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They say a picture tells a story of 1000 words...

This picture sums it all up for me. The above shot was taken in Feurtaventura, 2016. Myself and 3 mates booked a dirt cheap, 30 pound Ryan Air flight from Leeds to escape the dreaded English winter, meeting another mate who had the joy of the 60 hour transit from Aus.

What followed was close to the best 2 months of not only my life, I’d put a safe $100 on it being the best 8 weeks for all the boys.

We purchased the van, later to be name ‘little miss piggy’ (license plate was P69PGT so the ol’ girl fell in to her name) from a fellow aussie i crossed paths with months before in Peniche, Portugal doing the opposite trip - UK>Canaries. And what ensued for me, was a dream trip of surfing, camp fires, beers and wild nights - a massive juxtaposition to the wet, overcast English life.

5 blokes , 6 boards + a foamy, camping gear and 5 big travel bags all crammed into a run down postal van sounds like a nightmare for some, but for myself and the boys, nothing could top this idea and that’s what brings us here. #vanlife

Not the best quality pick but you get the idea...

From first getting my license at 17 and planning strike missions on the NSW south coast for swells, to 12000 km road trips, across continents, to now sleeping in my van, living rent free, running a hostel in Byron Bay, the one common denominator has been the freedom of life in a van.

So kicks off a little saga of another boring travel blog about the pros, cons, the ups, the downs, freedom, fun, adventure, arguments, ecstasy, flat spells, beers, pumping waves and more of the last 10 years of my life, living the #vanlife.