5 signs you're too old for a hostel

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5 signs you're too old for a hostel

I love staying in hostels, always have. Such a great way to meet people in different places and of course they are usually extremely cost effective. But recently I've started mostly booking myself in to private rooms when I stay in them and wondering when is the time that you are too old to stay in a hostel? Here are some indicators that I have come up with to suggest it might be time to slightly upgrade or change approach for your holiday accommodation.

You just want a decent nights sleep

Have big plans for the morning? Why not, the morning is a great time of day. But sharing a dorm isn't overly conducive to early mornings or sleeping well. Inevitably people will come home at varying degrees of late, and always have to rustle through countless plastic bags to find that perfect late night snack.

You don't want to talk to people

Hostel dorms are built for 24/7 human contact. Kitchens, bathrooms, lounge areas and bedrooms are all very much shared. It's encouraged that you talk and people are there to meet other people. If you're getting over the same conversations of "who are you", "where are you from" and "where are you going", then it might be time to get a little more privacy.

You won't wear clothes that have already been worn

Have you found yourself disgusted or even annoyed by your room mates clothes thrown all over the room? Perhaps you have a well organised dirty clothes compartment or bag in your luggage, and plan ahead as to when you are having a washing day? Pretty good signs that your time in shared dorms may be coming to a close.

Your dorm buddies were starting school when you were in uni

Ever find yourself chatting to that cute girl or handsome guy, then added them as a friend on Facebook or similar and see the age gap is over 15 years!? Well for some it may seem cool, but for the rest of us its probably time to move on.

There isn't that weird old person in your dorm

Not much really needs to be said here, except perhaps just make sure you're not the creepy old person.


The good news is you can still stay in hostels and meet lots of great people by staying in a private room. But if you don't want the expense of a private room, nor share a dorm, but still want to stay in paradise for a decent price then check out our private comfortable camping at Byron Bay!