5 ideas on how to enjoy a long road trip with mates!

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5 ideas on how to enjoy a long road trip with mates!

Do you get bored when traveling long distances? Or perhaps traveling with some new or even old friends and wish you had some ideas to help make the trip more fun? Well we have put together a few of our ideas for how to make the trip part of the adventure. And don’t worry, these aren’t the kind of ideas for keeping kids happy. These are the grown up versions, for the big kids in all of us!

1. Snacks and drinks in the car are critical. Check local laws on what type of drinks you can have in the car, as we take no responsibility here. But equally know what type of beverages we pack when able!

2. Make sure you each have a good lineup of songs to choose from. Rotate who is in charge of the music and even play a game of seeing who can guess the artist and song first.

3. Test each other with a different game such as getting one person to name a category, then everyone taking turns to name something in that category. Eg category of beers, then one person may start with Corona, the next Heineken etc…

4. If you are looking to get to know each other a bit better, another fun game is to take turns in each make three statements. Two of them need to be true, then the third a lie. Tell it in any order and be as crafty as you like. A good way to learn more about it each other, or test how much you actually do know about each other!

5. Really any sort of drinking game can be adapted to a road trip. We are certainly not suggesting drink driving, and the driver should always be sober and below legal limits. But whether you incorporate the drinking aspect or not, feel free to adapt any drinking game. For example even something as simple as arrogance, where before someone picks up a card you have to choose whether its going to be red or black, can be pretty fun, with or without the drinking aspect. Either that or never ever have I…

What are your favourite tips and tricks to making a long car ride more enjoyable?